In Cai Rang district, Can Tho city, Cai Rang floating market is the most famous attractions, a unique cultural feature in the Cuu Long river delta.

Traveling to Can Tho, you should not ignore Cai Rang floating market - one of the three largest ones in the Mekong Delta. The main feature of this market is that it specializes in trading fruits and specialties of the Mekong Delta. If you want to explore this unique floating market, do not miss the complete Cai Rang 2019 floating market guide below.

How to travel to Can Tho

There are two primary means for visitors from all regions to come to Can Tho.

By plane

Three airlines are operating Hanoi - Can Tho route.

Vietnam Airlines

Prices of Vietnam Airlines's two-way ticket range from VND 2.4 to 4.5 million/guest. Also, the company operates flights from Can Tho to Phu Quoc, Con Dao, and vice versa.

Vietjet Air

This airline exploits Hanoi - Can Tho route with the two-way ticket price of about VND 1.8 - 2.7/guest. Central tourists also accessibly come to Can Tho by the flight of Can Tho - Da Nang route.

Moreover, visitors can hunt cheap tickets to Can Tho of Jetstar Pacific airline.

By passenger cars

Passenger cars are the primary means used by most people in the Southwest. Spending more than 3 hours from Ho Chi Minh city, visitors can come to Can Tho.

Can Tho bridge at night

Can Tho bridge at night

Visitors can go to the Western bus station (395 Kinh Duong Vuong, An Lac ward, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh city) to buy tickets or contact the specialized vehicles running Saigon - Can Tho route like Phuong Trang, Hoang Long, and Mai Linh, etc.

Ticket prices from Saigon to Can Tho range from VND 130,000 to 140,000/guest.

Best ways to explore Cai Rang market

Cai Rang floating market is 6 km from Can Tho city center, and it takes about 30 minutes to move from Ninh Kieu wharf. You come to Ninh Kieu to rent a boat for about VND 70,000/person (2-hour tour).

If you want to go to the Can Tho fruit gardens and the Phnom-Penh clear rice noodle soup, pizza ovens, you will pay extra VND 20,000 (4-hour tour). You can contact 0984.971.568 to book a group tour. If you want to join a private tour, there is a private rental boat to visit Cai Rang floating market. However, the price will be much higher.

When arriving at the floating market, the boat will take you around Cai Rang market to buy seasonal products at the gardens and enjoy the rustic dishes here. Besides, you will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of the floating market and learn the life of the people of the Mekong river.

Exciting experiences in Cai Rang floating market

Explore Cai Rang by boat

Explore Cai Rang by boat

Cai Rang floating market is a place to buy, sell and exchange goods when roads and road traffic facilities in this area have not been developed. Currently, the road traffic network has been improved, but the floating market is still active and increasingly busy, bringing the potential for economic development. People keep gathering on the river with canoes and boats.

Cai Rang floating market often meets from dawn to around 8.00 am - 9.00 am. Typically, each boat will specialize in selling one kind of item. Before each boat is a pole, on which hangs the type of goods that the boat sells so that buyers can quickly identify.

The market is usually most crowded at around 7.00 am. On Tet days, there are very few activities in here. Due to the diverse shopping needs of people, the market has not only fruit and farm products but also many unique services such as coffee and breakfast like pho or noodles, etc.

Although it is famous as a land of fruits with luxuriant fruit gardens, the prices of fruits and vegetables in Cai Rang floating market are not lower than other cities. However, tourists still choose this floating market as a must-go destination because of the symbolizing characteristics of the river and the fresh fruits.

Coming to Cai Rang floating market, you will enjoy the airy space and cooling breeze of the river blending with the sound of the engine, the paddles colliding, and the waves beating the boat, the solicitation of buying and selling, making the whole river boisterous.

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market

The main products in Cai Rang market are fresh agricultural products and consumer goods. Besides, the floating market also serves many different services such as repairing scales, selling petrol, clothes, cosmetics, confectionery, and medicines, etc. In general, any items in the street markets are available and abundant in this floating market.

The highlight of Cai Rang floating market is that the seller stands on the boat delivering goods, and everyone joins in transporting them. Notably, you will be immersed with a miniature world amidst the broad river and gentle, good-natured people.