Located on the dreaming Nhat Le river, beside the long pristine coastline and smoothy white sand beaches, Dong Hoi also has many historical sites attracting visitors.

Introduction about Dong Hoi tourism

From early in the morning, visitors can walk on the road along the banks of Nhat Le river. The city was so quiet that you can hear the waves crashing on the shore. Across the river is Bao Ninh green peninsula, shaded with coconut. Zooming in to the sea door, visitors will be able to watch the boats drifting slowly on the river's surface and the sun slowly rising from the distance.

You can rent a car, bike, motorbike, or go on an electric vehicle, taxi, or car to visit places that cannot be ignored when traveling to Dong Hoi.

The scenery of Dong Hoi city

The scenery of Dong Hoi city

Top attractions in Dong Hoi city

Tam Toa church bell tower

At the city center park, there is a relic of Tam Toa church left with a bell tower. At the top of the tower are dry branches and flying sparrows.

Tam Toa church was built in 1886. Documents say that the poet Han Mac Tu was baptized here in 1912. During the war from 1964 to 1972, the church was destroyed, leaving only the bell tower. Dong Hoi town also fell. The bell tower of Tam Toa church remains today as a testimony of a fierce war.

Quang Phu sandhill

Quang Phu sandhill is 8 km from Nhat Le beach (Quang Binh). To reach the beach, you follow Truong Phap road. In here, you will feel like being lost in the desert with smoothy white dunes stretching.

The vast sand hills of nature create as challenging steps of those who have the desire to explore. Located right next to the dune is the pristine Quang Phu beach with the green row of casuarina. Quang Phu sandhill is the ideal place for taking photos also.

Dong Hoi market

Going to the opposite side, along the embankment, visitors will come to Dong Hoi market - the biggest market of the city. Next to the market is a fishing harbor with busy boats. Seafood from here will be brought to the shore for the city. In Dong Hoi market, you will have a chance to go shopping from all kinds of clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc. It is also the place of wharf ruins and the famous monuments of Suot Mother.

Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach is pristine and beautiful with a shaggy poplar forest, purple and yellow sea spinach flowers on the sandy shore, creating a beautiful picture for the beach.

Coming to Nhat Le beach, visitors will get lost in the clean white sand and clear water like sucking every step of visitors. When there are a clear sky and cooling breeze, the beach is like a new mattress inviting tourists to explore. Besides the soft and shiny sandy beaches, visitors can ride a bike or play football comfortably.

Nhat Le beach

Nhat Le beach

Suot Mother Monument

Suot Mother is the heroic symbol of the Vietnamese people and those who died for the Fatherland. The old wharf where she rowed boats has become a typical historical relic in Dong Hoi from the anti-American period with the dear and respectful name: Suot Mother's Wharf.

Quang Binh Gate

Continue the journey to discover another side of Dong Hoi. The first is Quang Binh Gate - a common symbol of the city. Formerly, it was a key on the North-South economic road, one of the three gates of the citadel system built by Dao Duy Tu in 1631. In the sixth year of Minh Mang King (1825), this work was rebuilt with stone bricks and remodeled in 1961.

Dong Hoi ancient citadel

Guests can also see the ancient ruins of Dong Hoi citadel, a part of the overall military relics of Dong Hoi during the Trinh - Nguyen civil war period. This relic retains only a few short sections, with moats around. The citadel is located in Hai Dinh ward, is an art-architectural monument of a military army.

Dai Giac pagoda

Dai Giac pagoda in Duc Ninh Dong street, Dong Hoi is a spiritual tourist destination attracting many visitors and Buddhists to visit and worship. In the temple, there is a marble Buddha statue which is 9m high and 40 tons weighty. It is one of the most massive marble Buddha statues in the country.

Bao Ninh beach

Passing the windy Nhat Le bridge, visitors will come to Bao Ninh peninsula. Bao Ninh beach with smooth, pristine sand stretching like endless is a great place to become a beach with international standards. Bao Ninh peninsula also has ancient citadel ruins and Ca Ong temple with a fisherman culture. Coming to Bao Ninh is the opportunity for tourists to enjoy the blue sea, white sand, fresh seafood, and specialties of Quang Binh.

Dong Hoi night market

Dong Hoi night market

Dong Hoi night market

The must-see destination for those who love cuisine in Dong Hoi is the night market. Dong Hoi night market belongs to Everland restaurant system located right at the foot of the Long bridge, on the bank of Nhat Le river.

From the night market, visitors can eat food and take a look at the shimmering colors of the city and Nhat Le bridge. The operating time of the night market is from 4.00 pm until midnight all days of the week.