Go Lao Waterfall, also known as Go Mu waterfall, is a beautiful waterfall located in Phuc San commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. From there, tourists will see the beautiful small houses of Muong people at the foot of the mountain, the majestic and poetic Ba Khan Lake and the lush bamboo forests. 

Go Lao Waterfall is about 20 meters high. In the big water season, the waterfall cascades to make the white lines. Guests will hear the sound of water rushing in the forest leaves ringing on the way. Along the trail down the foot of the waterfall, you will see a hydroelectric lake in one side and a soft waterfall flowing like a white silk spread on the mountainside. 

For those travelers who have fallen in love with the scenery of the Go Lao Falls, they call this place a masterpiece of nature. Regardless of the season of the year, the freshwater flow on this waterfall still twists a white color between the forest. According to the people here, this natural masterpiece is the result of a "marriage" between two streams of Thung Cang and Phieng Xa. Go Lao Waterfall has a pure beauty, is really a great destination for those who love nature.