Unlike the tranquility and peace in the old town center, Hoi An market located opposite the river from Cam Nam island is the "culinary paradise" that attracts many visitors.

Hoi An ancient town is considered by many people to store memory through every roof, tile. Hoi An not only "holds the foot" of tourists because of its ancient and taciturn beauty but also attracts them by the culinary paradise with countless delicious dishes at Hoi An market.

This is the place gathering most delicious specialties of the Central, Quang Nam, and Hoi An. Therefore, Hoi An market becomes an attraction for many domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit the old town, do not forget to explore Hoi An cuisine here.

Where is Hoi An market?

Hoi An market is located at the intersection of Tran Phu, Bach Dang, and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets. The market is located right in the heart of the old town, just a few minutes' walk away. Different from the peace and tranquility of Hoi An, the market has a different color. The market from morning to night is crowded, bustling by buyers and sellers.

Inside Hoi An Central market

Inside Hoi An Central market

Hoi An market - a "food paradise"

This place was once a place to exchange goods, very busy and bustling. So far, Hoi An market still retains the traits of old traditions of the Central people. Therefore, it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Hoi An market is not too big but seems to have everything. It is divided into many areas such as fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, etc. But perhaps the most attractive place for visitors is the dining area, including separating zones of rice, Hoi An-style noodles with pork and greens, vermicelli, bakery, sweet soups, etc. Visitors coming here will be easy to find what they want to eat.

The stalls in the market are placed close together, small but very neat and clean. From specialties like Quang noodles, Hoi An-style noodles with pork and greens to rustic dishes such as dumplings, White Rose cakes, and sweet soups, all are delicious and the prices are very cheap.

Hoi An-style noodles with pork and greens

Hoi An-style noodles with pork and greens

In here, visitors can eat up with only a few tens of thousands of dong. Therefore, Hoi An market is always an indispensable destination in the tour of many tourists here.

Hoi An market is a destination that tourists with cuisine passion cannot ignore. It is also in the top of "food paradise" around the world voted by Lonelyplanet magazine.

Discover Hoi An market

Culture of local people

If coming to Hoi An market in the early morning, visitors can buy fresh seafood, and this is also an opportunity to learn about life and trading habits of Hoi An residents. After that, visitors will be completely impressed by the variety of things sold here.

Hoi An market has a lot of stalls of fruits, vegetables, goods, souvenirs, etc. In here, travelers will feel the rustic lifestyle of people in trade activities. The friendly smile of the people here gives visitors a very close, dear feeling.

The rustic image of Hoi An people in Hoi An market

The rustic image of Hoi An people in Hoi An market

Cuisine exploration

Besides, don't forget to visit the food area to enjoy the delicious food of Hoi An. The attractive colors and scent of dishes and drinks here will definitely fascinate anyone. The shopkeepers always have a friendly smile with the invitation, making it difficult for anyone to leave.

Tourists coming here without eating Hoi An-style noodles with pork and greens or Quang noodles will be very regretful. These specialties are sold everywhere with prices of only VND 20,000-30,000. The hot and delicious noodles will surely conquer the taste of any diners. If you have eaten once, you will never forget the delicious taste of these dishes.

Known as a Hoi An tourist destination, Hoi An market holds visitors by countless "familiar yet strange" dishes. It is also a "snack paradise" with dishes such as White Rose cakes or rice pancake folded in half, etc. In particular, visitors coming here will not be afraid of being charged at an extortionate price that every shop has a listed price.

A variety of cheap dishes in the market

A variety of cheap dishes in the market

Hoi An cuisine conquers diners with the most idyllic things. Tourists coming here probably will want to come back more than once because of the moss-covered houses and the peaceful, quiet space. Besides, visitors will also never forget the delicious taste of Hoi An cuisine.