Vietnam Military History Museum is a place to store many heroic memories of the resistance wars of the nation, especially two resistance wars against the French and the Americans with thousands of valuable artifacts. So, the post will introduce useful information about Military history museum.

How to get there

Military history museum

Located at Dien Bien Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, the Vietnam Military History Museum is a historic Hanoi as well as a famous tourist destination in Hanoi with domestic and national visitors.
To go to the Museum, you can go by means and different ways. For added convenience, you should go by bus. There are many bus routes right at the gate of the Vietnam Military History Museum such as 09 Bo Ho - Cau Giay, 41 Nghi Tam - Giap Bat, 32, Giap Bat - Nhon, 18 Kim Ma - Long Bien and many bus lines stop nearby.

Military history museum

You can visit the museum in many ways. Firstly, it is possible to learn according to the exhibition system at the Museum such as throughout the historical process from the time of Hung Vuong - An Duong Vuong until now; listen to stories of heroic Vietnamese mothers, admire the outdoor display system with the tools and means of struggle of the nation.
Military history museum
There is a display system with thousands of artifacts, images, scientific documents, documentary films, and reflecting Vietnam's military history through struggles and resistance, especially in two resistance against French colonialism and American imperialism.
Furthermore, you can also visit the museum in a different way, which is to find out the needs, according to each individual area. From the 1st floor, you buy tickets, visit outdoor exhibits such as tanks, airplanes, guns, and so on.