About 4 km from the center of Hanoi, Phu Tay Ho is located in Quang An ward, Tay Ho district is a famous sacred place in the capital. On the full moon, and traditional Tet, Phu Tay Ho crowded people who come to offer incense and pray for good luck and peace. Let's explore the origin and architecture of Phu Tay Ho through the following article!

Origin and history Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho Temple 

Located on the big peninsula of Nghi Tam village, jutting out between the West Lake, Phu Tay Ho is the place to worship Lady Princess Lieu Hanh, one of four legendary figures in Vietnamese history.  It is said that she was the princess Quynh Hoa - the daughter of the Jade Emperor. Because she broke her father's jewel, she was banished to the lower realm. After the journey to cover all parts of the world, she was immersed in the immense beauty, lyrical and romantic in Tay Ho Island. She decided to stop and settle in the middle of this beautiful river. During the time she lived here, she had to erupt widely to help people except for the evil killing time, settle down and protect the people from the dangers threatening.

During a walk on the lake, Trang Nguyen Phung Khac Khoan accidentally visited the small house of the Fairy Princess. The moment the two people met, they became strangely close, together they wrote poetry and played chess, watching the beautiful natural scenery. After the time of going to the imperial city to visit the mandarin, the poet returned to find the beloved, but she left. To calm the memory of love in her heart, Trang and the people here set up the temple of princess Lieu Hanh. And from there, Tay Ho government was built and handed down until today.

The architecture of Phu Tay Ho

Phu Tay Ho Temple 

Looking from the outside, visitors will be impressed with the massive, magnificent three-door gate, exquisitely carved with three entrances. The main architecture is covered by 3 temples of which the main one is the largest. In addition, there is also Son Trang Palace, Co-Floor, Cau Pagoda, communal house, precursor and harem. Title: "Suspicion of Heaven" has revealed the sincere and respectful heart to Princess Lieu Hanh of Phung Khac Khoan and the people here.

Furthermore, Phu Tay Ho kept many ancient relics bearing the cultural and historical values of the country. With great architecture including nearly 300 large and small statues, diaphragm, couplets, and so on. Tay Ho government appeared with magnificent beauty, extremely magnificent among the vast land and water.

Hope that after the post, tourists will have useful information about Phu Tay Ho.