Located in Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, Poom Coong village is one of the most appealing tourist attractions in Mai Chau.The name of the village has a very interesting and unique meaning. '' Pom '' in Thai means a hill, while '' Pop '' means the drum, combining both from Pom Coong together meaning the village above a large drum, deeply implying only the immense field. 

Pom Coong village has more than 300 people with nearly 70 households in 7 big families living together happily. 

Spending time in the community and blending into the rhythm of life at Pom Coong village, you will be immersed in the calming nature. Besides, you can learn the cultural beauty of the locals, from the scenery to the traditional stilt houses.

At the bottom of the stilt houses, there are also many souvenirs for visitors such as fabric bags, spread skirts, wine jars, scarves, or brocade fabrics.

Visitors to Pom Coong village are mainly foreigners who like to learn about Thai life and culture in particular and ethnic minorities in general.

Coming here, besides enjoying the quiet and peaceful natural scenery, visitors also immerse themselves in the unique culture of ethnic minorities here such as: dancing, gong festivals, sleeping on stilt houses or drinking wine.