Quang Tri is a coastal province in the Northernmost Central region of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War years, Quang Tri was one of the most severely bombed places. Today Quang Tri is home to many attractions, historical monuments, owning many tourism potentials.

Historically, this place was the center connecting the South and the North of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, this land was ravaged by US bombs and fierce clashes between warring parties. Because of such unique historical conditions, today Quang Tri has become a place with favorable conditions to develop tourism. Naturally, it also has many beautiful landscapes such as beaches, rivers, primeval forests, and other landmarks.

In addition, Quang Tri also has natural resources, human resources, geographical conditions - traffic is relatively accessible by means of transportation on the road, waterway, and in the air. These are favorable conditions for tourism development that not all provinces and cities feature.