Thien Vuong Co Sat pagoda is also called as Phat Tram pagoda or Tau pagoda situated in the Dragon hill 5 km from northeast of Dalat city. The pagoda is located at 385 Khe Sanh street, Da Lat city, built by monks and Chinese Buddhist followers in 1958 and rebuilt in 1989. 

Right in the middle of Ton Bao Dien, there is a small hall placed Di Lac Buddha statue about 2.5m high and Thich Ca Buddha statue 0.5m high. At the corners of Bao Dien, the statue of Tu Dai Thien Vuong 2.6m high is placed. Through a courtyard is to Minh Quang Bao Dien, here it is a place worshiping the Tay Phuong Tam Thanh including the Amitabha Buddha statue in the middle, Quan The Am Bodhisattva on the left and the Dai The Chi Bodhisattva on the right. These are precious statues carved from large wood with 4m high and 1.5 tons weighed by Venerable Tho Da from Hong Kong in 1958. There are also two Manjusri and Samantabhadra statue on either side of the wall. 

In addition, the two sides of Quang Minh's inner wall have paintings depicting the Buddha's stories. On the top of the pine hill behind Quang Minh house is a 2-storey high tower. Upstairs is a massive statue of Sakyamuni Buddha, over 10 meters tall, meditating on the lotus. The downstairs is a resting place for tourists to visit the pagoda.