Halong is known for its rocky islands with strange shapes, and stalactites sparkling inside caves. Besides, visitors to Halong also know the nature here with the legends including the legend of Trong cave which is 15 km south of Bai Chay.

About Trong cave

Trong cave (also known as Male cave) is located opposite the Trinh Nu cave, this is a beautiful cave with two wide cave gates connecting each other in the east-west direction through two cliffs. Inside the cave, there are stalactites hanging down to the cave and there is a statue of a petrified boy facing the Trinh Nu cave.

Many tourists visit Trong cave to hear the legend of a couple's love story. Previously, two statues of man and woman inTrong cave and Trinh Nu cave were lovers. When he heard the girl in distress at sea, the boy was busy searching. During a stormy night, the boat broke and he landed on a deserted island. In the flash he looked far away and saw the girl, but his voice was swept away by the wind. He hit the cliff with a rock to signal the girl that he was there but knock until exhaustion and petrification.

Trong cave

Trong cave

How to visit Trong cave

You can visit Trong cave by getting on a cruise on Halong Bay. Some cruises you can choose from:

  • Paradise Luxury Cruise
  • Au Co Cruise
  • Emeraude Cruise

What to experience in Trong cave

Coming to Trong cave, you will admire the magical beauty of this cave. When standing in the cave, you can hear the sound of the wind rushing into the stone pillars, bouncing back to the cave walls, making sounds like drums. Trong cave also owns archaeological relics of Soi Nhum culture, dating from 18,000 to 7,000 years ago.

Trong cave has a high cliff, wide and airy space, suitable for holding romantic dinner parties. The party will be decorated with sparkling candlelight, and gentle deep love songs, bringing tourists into a magical and extremely romantic world.

In particular, in Trong cave, there is a private food processing area, a private stage and a wooden floor that is extremely suitable for poetic parties.

Trong cave

Trong cave


  • Dinner party in Trong cave can only be held in some luxury cruises
  • You can bring anti-car sick medicine in case of seasickness when sailing
  • Remember to bring mosquito repellent, anti-allergy medicine.

Trong cave is a name that has become very familiar to domestic and foreign tourists when choosing to visit Halong. The cave is not only attracted by the marvelous beauty, but also the legend of the cave.