Known as a culture in the hearts of every Vietnamese citizen, Van Phuc silk tourism increasingly attracts tourists from near and far.

Van Phuc silk village is the most concentrated part of the old Ha Dong silk village, which is very famous and has entered the music and poetry as traditional cultural beauty. This is one of the oldest craft villages in Vietnam, located on the bank of Nhue River, in Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi city.

Van Phuc Village

Having been into poetry, sometimes through film footage, Van Phuc silk is a famous silk weaving village since ancient times to today. The ancient features and traditions here even though in May are still retained as a symbol of the village. An old banyan tree, a well, and afternoon markets meet at the yard. Over time, the silk village also changed gradually with the years, no longer a sparse, old village of ancient days but now a big welcome gate with the words "Van Phuc Village" as on behalf of the people welcome visitors to visit.

The silk village currently has nearly 800 households doing jobs, accounting for nearly 60% of the total number of households living here. In many families, antique looms are retained, mixed with modern mechanical weaving frames. In addition to their main jobs, they also participated in the service, welcoming visitors to Ha Dong silk tourism village, a golden age.

Van Phuc Village

Especially at festivals in the village, this place is a truly heavenly paradise. You will feel like getting lost in an ancient Chinese country with silk talk movies. It will not be difficult when you want to choose a gift for your friends or loved ones. Ha Dong silk is both smooth and delicate with each weaving thread, ancient patterns, communication, and modern style. All as a unified whole are harmoniously coordinated, beautiful through each product.

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