As one of the capital's most beautiful and famous landmarks, West Lake has an exotic charm. Touring West Lake in Hanoi, visitors can admire a beautiful romantic corner in ancient Hanoi painting, which is associated with many historical ups and downs, keeping many memories and memories of the people. 

West Lake is the largest natural lake in Hanoi with an area of over 500ha and a circumference of 18km. The lake is located in the northwest of the capital. For a long time, West Lake is considered one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Hanoi.

West Lake

West Lake has many different names, according to each cultural meaning of each era. These names all originate from folk legends and legends. Some typical legends about the name of Ho Tay can be mentioned

  • Xac Cao Lagoon 

This is the oldest name of West Lake. According to the legend, in the past, there was a small mountain in the west of Long Bien citadel, there was a crystal lake on the mountain that specialized in harassing the good people. Seeing this, Long Quan ordered to surrender the water. Since then this place has turned into a deep, folk puddle called Xac Cao Lagoon.

  • Kim Nguu Lake

It is said that in the past, our country had Zen Master Minh Khong to come to Tau to treat the King's son. The king died of illness, and the king wished to repay. The Zen master did not ask for anything high, just asked for some black copper. When bringing those black coins back to the South, the Zen master had cast them into four Buddhist houses including a giant bronze bell.

West Lake

Referring to West Lake, people often think of the romantic beauty of the landscape. Indeed, West Lake is like a multicolored picture, giving viewers a variety of different emotions. Furthermore, West Lake opens a liberal, poetic world. Perhaps because of that, for thousands of years, West Lake has always been an endless source of inspiration for writers, poets, artists .who will feel comfortable expressing their feelings through many songs and poems.

Hope that after the post, tourists will have the more useful and necessary information about West Lake.