If Northern Vietnam is the oldest among three parts of Vietnam, Central part seems like the youngest child of the family, not because of its own age but because of its vunerability. Every year, Vietnamese people either from the North or the South all lean towards the Central when rainy season comes, brings along with it natural disasters.

Despite the harsh of nature, Central is an amazing part with hard-working and ingenous people as well as spectacular scenes. When talking about the central, we can not forget Hue with women in "Ao dai" and leaf hats, Huong river slowly flows just like a young lady's hair, Hoi An with colorful lanterns at night, etc,.

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In this list

Itinerary: Da Lat - Lat Village - Silk Weaving Factory - Elephant Waterfall - Linh An Pagoda
$50.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Da Nang - Hoi An - Hue
$165.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Da Nang – Ba Na Hills – Hoi An – Hue
$215.0 (per person)
Itinerary:  Da Lat - Truc Lam Zen Monastery - Tuyen Lam Lake - Datanla Waterfall
$95.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Nha Trang – Untouched Island – Nha Trang
$122.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Dong Hoi – Phong Nha Cave – Dark Cave – Dong Hoi
$100.0 (per person)
Itinerary:  Hue city - Quang Tri - Thien Duong Cave - Hue city
$50.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Da Nang - Hoi An - My Son - Hue
$175.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Dong Hoi - Chay River - Dark Cave - Dong Hoi
$75.0 (per person)
Itinerary:  Phong Nha – Ban Doong Village – En Cave – Son Doong Entrance – Hand of Dog – SD Camp 1 – SD Camp 2 – Wall of Vietnam – Son Doong Exit – Chay Lap Farmstay
$3,300.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Phong Nha – Tan Hoa – To Mo – Tan Hoa – Phong Nha
$93.0 (per person)
Itinerary: Phong Nha - Ban Doong Village - Hang En - Ban Doong Village - Phong Nha
$345.0 (per person)


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