V’Spirit Classic Cruise

V’Spirit Classic Cruise

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Useful information about V’Spirit Classic Cruise

V'Spirit Classic cruise is proud to be one of the best choices for tourists when spending their holiday in Halong Bay. The vessel is designed in traditional style but featuring fully-equipped and modern cabins. Each cabin has a large window offering view to the bay, air-conditioning, private bathroom with free toiletries, hairdryer and life jackets. V'Spirit Class Cruises provide tourists with activities such as boat riding, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. A sundeck is an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxing with a glass of wine or cocktail. The restaurant opens all day and serves both Vietnamese and international dishes.


V’Spirit Classic Cruise

With this in mind, new wooden boat builders are designed in a long-standing traditional style, but with modern, deluxe cabins and facilities, including sea-view windows in each cabin, private, modern bathroom, and a comfortable sunny -deck bar. Our chef will serve you delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes, and our staff will help you learn about our current life as well as our ancient history.
Visitors to Vietnam most famous world heritage with V'Spirit Cruises are bound to be one of the highlights of your trip in Vietnam, thanks to the high quality of our facilities and rooms. , and the excellence of our customer service.


- V’Spirit Classic consists of 3 ships:
- V’Spirit Classic 1 has 7 rooms
- V’Spirit Classic 2 has 16 rooms
- V’Spirit Classic 3 has 13 rooms.
Each cabin has an area of 16m² to 23m². Each room has wide windows and a separate bathroom, air-conditioning and full amenities. Especially on the yacht, there is a luxury room with a private balcony - where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay.


V’Spirit Classic Cruise

The restaurant on the yacht is designed with glass doors surrounded to create an open space, so visitors can still see the beauty of the natural world wonder while enjoying elaborate processed dishes and submission.
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About discount policy

We apply discount policy for different customers as follows
- From 4 to 8 years old: 50% of adult’s fare and sharing bed with parents.
- From 9 to 11 years old: 75% of adult’s fare and using the existing bed.
- Students with ID card student: 95% of adult’s fare and using the existing bed.
- Over 11 years old: 100% of adult’s fare and using the existing bed.
For details about the terms, you can see at Our terms and conditions

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