24 hours in Cat Cat village, Lao Cai

24 hours in Cat Cat village, Lao Cai

With the traditional beauty of a highland village among thousands of magnificent mountains and forests, "the most beautiful village in Northwest Vietnam" - Cat Cat is the destination tourists should spend at least one day to explore when planning a Vietnam group tour.

About Cat Cat

Although located very close to the busy town of Sapa, Cat Cat village still preserves the peaceful beauty by the wild nature and cultural space of the H'Mong people. Cat Cat is about 2-3 km away from Sapa, so it is very easy to travel. From the center of Sapa town, tourists follow the path towards Fansipan about 3 kilometers to the place. Most people who visit Sapa have been to Cat Cat, and they can choose to walk around or stay at homestays.

The first impression of each visitor is the peaceful picture of the wooden houses that are concentrated at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son mountain. In the majestic scenery of the nature of the Northwest forest, Cat Cat appears with all the most elegant beauties, becoming one reason why you should travel to Vietnam.

The village was established in the 19th century, consisting of many ethnic minority groups, but the main is the H' mong people. The name of the village came from the French name for the waterfall in the village - Cat Cat, and the French chose the area around the falls as a resort, then its name turned into Cat Cat. At the waterfall, there is also the Cat Cat hydroelectric plant built in 1925 by the French, considered now as an exciting site of the village.

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village

TIP: If you spend the night at Cat Cat village, try turning off your phone or computer, listening to the sound of nature: the distant gurgle of the stream, the murmur of insects, and the giggles of children in the village, etc. These experiences will be slowly saved into your mind, dispelling the worries and sorrows of urban life.

Must-see things in Cat Cat

Gau Tao festival

Visiting Cat Cat village in the early days of the year, visitors will be immersed in the joyful atmosphere of the Gau Tao festival - the largest festival of the year to pray for the people here. You can also explore the rich folk cultural identity of the local people through traditional dances and love songs, watch the elderly craftsmen carving silver, weaving linen, embroidering brocade, and forging knives, or participate in the crossbow shooting contest with the local people, play hide and seek, play tug, and cross the stream on the footbridges, etc.

Gau Tao festival

Gau Tao festival

The craftsman

The people in the village are very gentle. They do business mainly in agriculture and handicrafts. Several terraced fields are stretching in the village like the steps to heaven. In the crop season, the village brightens up with a vast gold sea of rice. On the remaining days, the women make the weaving brocade and the men go to the forest to collect firewood, or engrave silver, make wrought tools. All the visitors coming here admire the finesse of the people in the village.

Strawflower garden

The strawflowers are available in a diversity of colors from crimson, orange, yellow, brown to white, pink, or purple, and when drying, these flowers do not fade but retain the color. Strawflowers are grown in Cat Cat village so that visitors can look at the vast flower fields to check in and learn about the vitality of this flower. Also, they are also deeply meaningful. Although the flowers have died, they do not fade colors, symbolizing the faithful and eternal love.

Canola flower garden

Early December is the season of yellow canola flower starting to bloom fully, and the season lasts only 2-3 weeks, so visitors should thoroughly research for the best time to go to Sapa, Vietnam. It is a destination that tourists cannot be missed when having the opportunity to Sapa.

canola flower in Sapa

canola flower in Sapa

Golden stream

The stream is warmly connected with nature and people here. With wild rock and clean streams, travelers will be in harmony with nature, feeling so fresh and excited.

Traditional costume

Particularly, visiting Cat Cat village, tourists will have an opportunity to experience a culture imbued with the identity of the H’Mong people. Guests can rent the costume of people here to dress up as the H’Mong boys and girls with an average price of VND 30-40,000/set.

Must taste

The H' mong Cat Cat village is also famous for its delicious cuisine. A variety of dishes  are processed quite uniquely to attract the attention of tourists like H’Mong corn wine, tao meo wine (cider), thang co (horseflesh combined with cardamom, anise, cinnamon, ginger, and many other special spices of the upland ethnic group), khang-gai smoked meat, chicken soup, corn tortillas, dau xi (beans), etc.

For the time being, by the development of tourism, people in the village have moved to offer services for tourists. Young generations are fully educated, knowing foreign languages and introducing to visitors the beautiful landscapes in their hometown. Cat Cat village is becoming a great place to attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. If our guides are helpful for you, please like and share it with others. You can visit our website to get further information about the group tour of Vietnam. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Have a nice trip!