Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

Your trip to Sapa will be missed if you do not experience the natural beauty of the place with beautiful views - a very developed type that any owner who wants to attract visitors is considered a fir-needle for his place. That's right because a place surrounded by mountains and valleys is indispensable in nature even in their rooms. In this article, we will introduce to you 10 most outstanding hotels. This is what you should know about Sapa which, of course, will make you feel so comfortable with the nature of Sapa.

1. Hotel Amazing Sapa

Amazing Sapa stands out among the "town of mist" as a magnificent castle facing the highest mountain in Indochina - Fansipan. The number of rooms is over 80 a bit with modern facilities and amenities, elegant white tone mainstream courtesy, bringing maximum comfort to tourists.

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

The hotel is located at Dong Loi Street, near Silver Waterfall, Rose Valley, and Ham Rong Mountain. It is about 10km from the town center, not belonging to the central but suitable for tourists to visit the nearby attractions with nature.

2. Chau Long hotel

Chau Long Hotel is located right next to the Sapa market, with a large number of rooms, about 65 comfortable rooms with the view of Muong Hoa valley and majestic Hoang Lien Son range. The distinctive reddish-brown, which brings warmth to the frosty cold of the small town.

Chau Long Sapa is suitable for the type of Leisure travel, giving you the high-class service in a gentle friendly style and helping you have a comfortable vacation to relax with family and friends.

3. Hotel H'Mong Sapa

H'Mong Sapa is especially in the architecture and cuisine of the Northwest. Along with that is the convenient location at the Sapa market, the view from the beautiful sky to the misty valley and the mountain peaks. It is nothing better than enjoying the delicious food while watching the surrounding mountains in the cold Northwest

4. Hotel Luxury Sapa

Luxury Sapa, thanks to its decorative flowers and grassy highland style, towards the majestic Hoang Lien Son range - the best place for Sapa hiking tours, is located on the road with the special name: Fansipan Road.

Sapa Luxury Hotel is an additional tourist destination for Sapa and is an excellent choice for tourists. Only 1. Km from the city center, the hotel's strategic location ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach many local points of interest. Sapa Luxury Hotel also offers many facilities to enrich your stay in Sapa. Guests of the hotel can enjoy great features such as free Wi-fi all rooms, 24-hour reception desk, 24-hour room service, fast check-in/out and luggage storage.

5. U Sapa hotel

Staying at U Sapa hotel is extremely convenient if you want to visit the town, enjoy highland food and go shopping. Sapa's view is also the second most beautiful in the region, with the location on Cau May street. - one of the busiest streets in town.

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

6. Hotel Bamboo Sapa

The first impression when coming to the Bamboo hotel is the harmony between nature and people, in which every resort is needed. Bamboo also serves you with great food, perfect for your vacation. The position of the hotel is a good advantage, leaning back to the mountains and facing the Muong Hoa valley - one of the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam.

7. Muong Thanh Sapa hotel

Located in the Muong Thanh hotel chain in many provinces and cities of Vietnam, Muong Thanh Sapa hotel is also a very beautiful location overlooking Ham Rong Mountain, near the peaceful Sapa lake. High-end and luxurious service but still bringing the local feature, Muong Thanh Sapa hotel is the ideal vacation spot for the visitors.

8. Victoria resort & spa

The Victoria Resort is located in the center of the town looking as far away as a classic French mansion - it is a place to rest for the French. The view of the resort is wonderful and diverse. It is the scene of the whole town, Xuan Vien Lake, Hoang Lien Son mountain range or mountain villages.

Where to stay in Sapa Vietnam

9. Hotel Holiday Sapa

The two-way views of Muong Hoa Valley and the Orchid City of Holiday Sapa give guests the best option of staying here. Especially for those who love photography, Holiday is a great destination, as a place to stay, as well as a great location to take pictures of beautiful scenery with the highest angle.

10. Hotel Sapa Paradise

Located in the heart of the town, at the foot of Ham Rong Mountain and opposite to Van Hoa Park, Sapa Paradise possesses all the great outdoor attractions. Inspired by the nature of this land, the Paradise Hotel will help you get closer to the beautiful outside world, not just in the modern hotel room area.

Now you have basic information for your upcoming Sapa trip, the remaining things you have to do is to plan your stay, your time and departure, right. In order to save the cost, you can refer to the homestay at Sapa.

To choose a suitable accommodation for your Northeast adventure tours, please contact the Vietnam Group Tour for more information. We hope you would have an interesting experience.