Bac Son Valley

Bac Son Valley

Besides exploring the most beautiful rice terrace in Vietnam, Bac Son - Lang Son is a destination that travelers should not miss. It is a small valley located in Lang Son embraced by gentle rivers with green mountains. Coming here, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the natural beauty of the wild mountains and the vast rice fields with a fresh and great space.

Guide to get to Bac Son

Time to travel

The weather in Bac Son is quite convenient so that tourists can make the trip at any time of the year. However, the period from July to October is considered the ideal time for a tour in the Northeast. By this time, Bac Son is in the season of nine rice, hence the entire Bac Son valley is covered with a golden color of vast and extensive rice fields, creating a rustic, peaceful, and incredible countryside scenery.

Way to travel

Visitors can go to the bus stations in Hanoi such as My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen. There will be various car trips from Hanoi to Lang Son with fares fluctuating from VND 100,000-170,000/person depending on different qualities of the cars. After arriving at Lang Son station, tourists can take a taxi or a motorbike to take them to Bac Son valley.

Bac Son Valley in the rice season

Bac Son Valley in the rice season

However, Lang Son station is more than 60 kilometers far from Bac Son Valley, so most visitors choose to get to Bac Son valley by car or private motorbike. The way from Hanoi to Bac Son is approximately 160 kilometers, and there are three different ways:

The curvy river surrounds the golden fields in Bac Son Valley

Route 1: From the center of Hanoi, tourists will follow the direction of Nhat Tan bridge to Vo Nguyen Giap street, go to the Highway 18B to Thai Nguyen before getting to Bac Son.

Route 2: Travelers go along the direction of Thang Long to Noi Bai, then turn to Soc Son, and go through Thai Nguyen to Bac Son valley.

Route 3: From Thanh Tri bridge, tourists follow the direction of Lang Son about 100 kilometers, then come to Huu Lung and ask for the way to Met town about 5 kilometers through the Highway 1B Lang Son. Along the way, tourists must notice the billboard "Vo Noi Exploitation Company" to turn towards Yen Vuong, from that continue to go to Bac Son.

Seeing the panorama of Bac Son valley from the view of Na Lay mountain

To reach the top to view the valley, tourists have to climb Na Lay mountain at a height of 600 meters. It will take about 1 hour to get there. The mountain is located in the middle of the town, so there is a panoramic view of all the directions, especially there is a particular microwave station that everyone will have a place to rest. From the view of Na Lay, tourists will see the large Bac Son valley lying between the four sides of the limestone mountains with the curvy canals winding between the vast rice fields, which is one of the most popular symbols of a Vietnamese village.

Fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley from above

The fabulous beauty of Bac Son Valley from above

Moreover, if having a chance to travel Bac, Son, visitors should also admire the dawn in this valley. From the foot of the valley, watching the early sunbeams on the terraced fields surrounded by clouds and mountains, tourists will see a scene of the fairyland appears in front of their eyes.

Fact: Beauty of the rice season in Bac Son has attracted a variety of tourists to Lang Son. For photographers, they can get up early from 4.00 a.m to climb the microwave station at Na Lay to catch the dawn. Time to climb is about 45 minutes, and to select the beautiful angle, they have to climb over the old stairs to the top of the station with few costs.

Visiting Quynh Son village

Coming to Quynh Son village, travelers will have the opportunity to explore the living space and culture of the Tay minority. Quynh Son village is also famous for various specialties such as black Chung cake (black sticky rice cake), giay ngai cake (a kind of sticky rice cake), cooc mo cake (sticky rice croissants), xoi cam (sticky rice cooked with the leaf of the magenta plant), and tangerine. Notably, the wine is pickled with golden sticky rice, which is incredibly unique and tasty.

Visiting Bac Son museum

Bac Son Museum

Bac Son Museum 

Bac Son museum is a place tourists should not ignore. Traveling this museum, we can see the ancient documents and artifacts preserved from the days of Bac Son uprising. Watching the ancient archaeological relics and experiencing thousands of battles, and pride of Vietnamese people will make everyone visiting here see this trip meaningful.

Traveling Nong Luc communal house

Nong Luc is one of the 20 architectural monuments in Bac Son district. The design of this communal house is unique with the classic architecture of the communal houses in the north combining with the style of homes on stilts.

The valley still preserves the wild beauty with the high limestone mountains, fresh climate, and green fields, etc. If you’re planning a great Northeast Vietnam package tour, we sure Bac Son valley will not make you disappointed. If this is helpful for you, please like and share with others. Thank you.