Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park

Vietnam is home to loads of spectacular national parks that are worth a visit. It is an opportunity for you to immerse in nature and explore a lot of interesting things. If you get a chance to take a Central package tour, do miss Bach Ma National Park. 

About Bach Ma National Park

Before becoming a national park, Bach Ma has attracted many people thanks to the well-known biodiversity resources of many rare animals and plants. In 1925, under French colonial, the local government established reported to the French Colonial Ministry a project to establish a national park to protect the Edwards' pheasant (Lophura edwardsii). In 1986, the forest became forbidden forest to citizens and the national park Bach Ma - Hai Van was established covering an area of 50,000 ha.

In 1991, Bach Ma National Park was officially established featuring a total area of 22,031 ha under the Ministry of Forestry. In 2008, Bach Ma National Park was expanded with a total area of 37,487 ha. Currently, Bach Ma National Park is under the management of the General Department of Forestry, MARD.

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park

Best time to visit Bach Ma National Park

Since plenty of flora and fauna features this forest, the time to go is very appropriate. As far as experienced backpackers, from December to April (dry season) is the best time to travel to this Vietnam National Park. This is a dry season without the heavy rain so that it is suitable for travel and exploring

How to get to Bach Ma National Park

To travel to Bach Ma National Park, travelers often depart from Hue or Da Nang, which is the most convenient locations, in case you are in Da Nang you’d better visit Hoi An night market before leaving, then take a bus to one of these two places to make the trip. Once you are in Hue or Da Nang, you can ride the motorbike to Bach Ma.

How to go to Bach Ma National Park from Hue

From Hue, you drive to Da Nang and then to National Highway 1A -> Next you go straight and ask the local people the way to go to Phu Loc commune - > continue to drive until you see the blue sea (on the right side of the road), follow the signpost.

- Note: When going on the way to Phu Loc commune you will be able to see a signboard inscribed on the road to Bach Ma Truc Lam Zen Monastery, don’t follow it because it is the way to the Zen Monastery, not the path to Bach Ma Park.

How to travel to Bach Ma National Park from Da Nang

From here, you go along Hai Van Pass (you can go through the tunnel or climb the canal) and then ride to National Highway 1A, keep running to Phu Loc commune and then ask local people for detail direction.

Ngu Ho at Bach Ma National Park

Ngu Ho at Bach Ma National Park

What to do?

Bach National Park has a total area of nearly 37,500 ha, under the management of the General Department of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Here, visitors will be visiting many beautiful tourist sites.

Come to Bach Ma National Park; you will not only to visit, admire the majestic scenery of the mountains, follow the trails, also learn about the fauna and flora and fancy.


Looking for accommodation in Bach Ma National Park is indispensable. There are many forms of relaxation for you, depending on your budget:

  • Camping: In Bach Ma national park there are many flat, beautiful vacant land, so camping is a good idea.
  • Homestay: If you want to save the cost of tourism Bach Ma National Park, Homestay will be a great choice for you. You can go down to the bottom of the mountain and find yourself the right place to stay. Vietnam is not only famous for the national park in central but it also famous for spectacular landscapes in the North. If you love trekking and discovering, Sapa trekking and homestay is worth a visit.
  • Hotels: There are many luxury hotels with prices ranging from 500,000VND to 1,000,000VND.

Note: The inns, hotels in Bach Ma National Park and camping sites are usually located in km17th, not in the mountains, so you should pay attention when choosing accommodation.

Trekking in Bach Ma National Park

Trekking in Bach Ma National Park

Some tips to note down when traveling to Bach Ma National Park

When going to Bach Ma National Park, you should prepare the following essential items:

  • Clothing: Should bring lightweight clothes + jacket, because the weather in Bach Ma National Park varies from spring to winter in one day.
  • Shoes: Bring your sports shoes or flat shoes because you have to climb, and walk a lot to explore Bach Ma National Park.
  • Health: Bring common medicine such as flu, headache, insect repellent, antiseptic, bandage. 
  • Camera or smartphone to save unforgettable moments.
  • If you travel to Bach Ma National Park in the form of camping, you should bring tents, canvas, and food. 

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