Discover Mo Luong Cave

Discover Mo Luong Cave

Located in Mai Chau, Mo Luong cave is one of the attractive tourist attractions that are very popular with those who love to explore and seek a straight feeling.

Mo Luong cave in Mai Chau tourist map

Mo Luong cave is about 61 km from Hoa Binh city to the northwest, situated in Pu Kha mountain at the boundary of Mai Chau town and a small part of Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district. The main entrance to the cave is in Mai Chau town and there is also another small way in Chieng Chau commune direction along the cool fresh stream. It is one of the most beautiful caves in Mai Chau, attracting a lot of tourists each year.

Adjacent to Highway 15, according to Mai Chau trek reviews, Mo Luong cave is within 5 minutes walking from Lac village or Pom Coong village in Mai Chau.

The meaning of the name Mo Luong

Mo Luong cave

Mo Luong cave

In the past, Mo Luong cave had the other name as Bo Luong which was named by the White Thai. Mo Luong in the Thai language means the large course of the stream. The stream is derived from the inside of Pu Kha mountain range and flows down the valley to nurture the rice fields in Chieng Chau before ending in Mo Luong lake.

Hence, this stream plays an important role in the daily life of Thai people. It causes the stream’s name involved in many destinations in Mai Chau including Mo Luong cave.

Mo Luong cave is also known as Soldier cave because, in the Vietnam war, this was the hiding place of the Vietnamese army to avoid the hunting of French force.

According to a legend relating to this cave, on Tet holiday, Thai ethnic people went to the Mo Luong stream to catch fish. One time, there was a woman catching an egg three times. After each time catching that egg, she threw it away. Until the third one, she decided to bring that egg home. Then, she put that egg in the house corner and forgot it. The egg turned into a snake.

Since this snake appeared, the water level in rice fields raised. Wherever the snake went through, it created favorable conditions for locals to expand lands and cultivate into fertile fields.

To express their gratitude to the snake, local people brought it to Mo Luong cave, and then the snake turned into a dragon. People say that on the full moon night of the seventh lunar month annually, there is a school of fish swimming from the cave. They believe that the fish swarms are brought by the snake to return the favor to the locals.

Discovering Mo Luong cave

Discovering Mo Luong cave

The beauty of Mo Luong cave

There are 4 magnificent main grottoes in Mo Luong cave. When you visit the cave, you will see each grotto has its own distinctive beauty.

The first cave has a length of 60 meters, a width of 16 meters, and a height of 20 meters. Its background has been concreted and well equipped by drainage ditches surroundings. The grotto is as a large living room with the spectacular stalactites on the ceiling looking like the decorative lights.

The second one is 10m higher than in the first place. Entering the grotto, tourists seem to step up the wonderland of stalactites. You can imagine the breathtaking stalactites like the shapes of animals, fairies or even the portray of Buddhas.

Besides, along the cliffs are thousands of stalactites like a spreading brocade exhibition. These brocades are decorated with extremely impressive patterns.  At the end of the grotto are colorful stalactites increasingly growing up, creating the awe-inspiring scenery.

Continuing to explore the grottoes in Mo Luong cave, you will step into the third grotto. This cave is quite small compared to the two first one. In order to enter the third grotto, you have to go along to a small entrance. Here, tourists will surely be surprised to admire pure white stalactites. Above your head is the diversified stalactite-like a starry sky sparkling in the nice night. The water drops in the stalactites which creates wonderful echoes.

Mai Chau scenery

Mai Chau scenery

Keeping walking into a small niche of about 3m deep on the right, tourists will surprise to admire the sand stretching along an underground stream inside the mountain. The deepest stream is about 3m along with the largest one of 8m tall creating the fully poetic stalactites.

The forth grotto retains 15m long, 12m wide, and 25m high of the ceiling dome. Especially, the multi-shaped stalactites are sprouted from the surface. Inside here, the clear spring water reflects strips of soft stalactites hanging down from the domed ceiling or spreading out from the cliffs. These stalactites blended and intertwined together creating an incredibly vivid picture.

More and more people know where Vietnam is located on the world map thanks to the advertisement for tourism and Mai Chau is also contributing its small part in that achievement. Let’s come to Mai Chau to explore its beauty and love Vietnam more. If you find the information interesting, don't hesitate to like and share the article with others. Thank you.