Enjoy Sapa Specialities In Honeymoon Season

Sapa is a small beautiful town in the northwest of Vietnam with the romantic landscapes and temperate climate that is very suitable for the new couples coming to enjoy the honeymoon. A day wandering in the corners of Sapa streets and seeking for the interesting items and delicious food and backing the warm Sapa  homestay is really a happiness of the couples in their dream. So, we recommend to you the list of Sapa specialties for couples to consider on their honeymoon trip there.

Sapa Chayote

Chayote is one of the most famous dishes in Sapa the new couples should consider when coming to Sapa in the honeymoon season. In fact, Sapa is one of the chayote bowls of Vietnam when this small town provides ten thousand tons of chayote for the whole country each year. The chayote in Sapa can be made into many delicious dishes. One of the simplest dishes from chayote is boiled chayote, it is very crispy and has a natural taste when eating with the sesame salt. Although this dish is very simple, in order to have a boiled chayote dish in the right style, you have to cook it well in the medium fire and enjoy when it is still hot to keep its delicious taste. Let's try a boiled chayote dish to think about a rustic family meal that keeps the flame in your family in the next days of two of you.

Grilled dishes

The beauty of Sapa is compared to the romantic beauty of Paris because of the cool weather of this town. When night falls down, the atmosphere becomes colder and you can see full of the street-side eateries selling barbecue to serve tourists. Holding your partner hand to go down the streets to immerse in the crowded flow of people to enjoy the delicious dishes here. Leaving out the coldness outside, you will feel warmer because the charcoal stoves used to grill are placed right in the streets. Let's try all of the grilled dishes because each dish is marinated with the different spices. So even you eat all of the dishes at the same time, you also don't feel bored. The Sapa barbecue gradually becomes the trademark of this land which left a vivid impression in the heart of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Lon cap nach (Baby pork)

Lon cap nach is a kind of mountain pig which is grown up by the local people. This kind of pig has the pure gene and plus it is fed by the natural food, so it is about 20 kilograms. Due to its light weight, the local people put it into the basket and bring it to the market for selling so it has this name.

The meat of Lon cap nach is very firm, sweet, and good smelling, so people can easily cook it into many delicious dishes.


Besides the specialties of mountain forests such as Lon cap nach, grilled dishes, etc, Sapa also shows off to tourists a fancy specialty which is really rare to see in the tropical climate region. It is the salmon.

Salmon is grown right in Sapa with good taste and beautiful pink meat. Especially, the quality of Sapa salmon is equal to the imported salmon so it quickly becomes famous for the food lovers and is one of the must-try dishes when visiting Sapa. There are numerous delicious dishes made from salmon such as salad, hot pot, porridge, smoked fish, orange sauce served with salad, and salmon stuffed with cucumber. Let's take your partner to a luxury restaurant and enjoy any dishes you want to experience from salmon.

Stream fish

If the salmon bring is a new dish that brings the strange and exciting feeling in the taste experience, Sapa stream fish is a familiar traditional dish in Lao Cai cuisine. The stream fish is caught by the local people in Muong Hoa and Muong Tien sold in the local markets where you can come to pick one for yourself. Bringing it to a restaurant and ask the chef to cook it into the dish you want to try. The stream fish is also not fishy, so it is the best to cook on charcoal and eat with spices, pepper powder.

Bamboo-tube rice (Com Lam)

A familiar but must-try dish in Sapa that you can't ignore is Lam rice, it is a daily dish in each meal of local people and now it becomes a symbol of Sapa cuisine which appears anywhere from restaurants, hotels to the eateries on the sidewalk.

Lam rice is grilled in the fresh bamboo tube and people often enjoy it with sesame salt. Nowadays, Sapa not only has Lam rice but also Lam bird, Lam fish, and Lam gourd which are also grilled in the fresh bamboo tube.

Ruou tao meo 

In Sapa, Vietnamese apple trees grow wildly in the range of Hoang Lien Son, so people often pick up it to put it into the traditional alcohol. Ruou tao meo is a gift that tourists often buy to bring home. How wonderful it is when having a sip of ruou tao meo in the meal, sipping the sour, sweet and bitter tastes of it and gossiping about the future stories of the husband-wife life. Let's do it to understand deeper to the thought of your partner via the cups of ruou tao meo.

Why don’t you still wonder where to go in Vietnam for your honeymoon? Sapa is such an ideal destination for two of you to have a perfect honeymoon in your life. Let’s go and explore the wonderful things that Sapa is holding. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you!