Suggested Itinerary For 3 Day Sapa Trip From Saigon

Suggested Itinerary For 3 Day Sapa Trip From Saigon

Sapa is known as “Paris of Vietnam” because of the similarity of its climate and architecture. For people who live in the tropical regions like Saigon, it is so wonderful to enjoy the cool fresh air and tranquil scenery in Sapa. So we suggest a Sapa trip for Saigonian within 3 days with a rational schedule.

The best time to travel Sapa from Saigon

For the foreign tourists who are familiar with the cold weather, we suggest that the best time to get to Sapa is from March to October. However, traveling Sapa in the winter is the best time for those who live in the south to experience the wonderful things of the temperate region in this mountainous town. For people who want to have one time in life to see the snow, Sapa winter is the ideal time for you to hunt the snow if you cannot go abroad.

Although 3 days are not long enough to experience all things of Sapa, it is enough time to reach some typical places in this misty town. You can go around to enjoy the cold weather and admire the beautiful snow and ice. According to Sapa travel experiences from Saigon, the ideal time is from mid-December to mid-February.

Suggested Itinerary For 3 Day Sapa Trip From Saigon

Sapa in the ripe rice season

How to get to Sapa from Saigon

In order to get to Sapa, you need to book a flight ticket to move from HCMC to Hanoi. The ticket price may fluctuate between 2 and 3 million VND per person but you should book as soon as possible to get the best price.

When coming to Hanoi, you should go to the travel agencies to book tickets from Noi Bai to Sapa. There are many brands of buses from Hanoi straight up to Sapa. If you book the Sapa tour in advance, the travel agency will prepare the transport to pick up you from the airport at Noi Bai about 3 km from the airport gate and then head to Sapa.

It is a note that you should spend time between 1-1,5 hours for taking rest after the plane landed on. If the plane land on at 11h, you should announce for the travel agency to pick you up at Noi Bai intersection at 12h or 12h30. You should book tickets for the return from Sapa to Noi Bai. It takes over 8 hours to return Hanoi from Sapa.

According to Sapa homestay tour reviews, renting motorcycles to travel around Sapa is the most reasonable, both active and saving. If you catch a taxi, the best way is to choose a taxi for all trip because the taxi fare in Sapa is quite expensive. If you travel alone, you should choose a motorbike taxi. It will be much cheaper.

itinerary to sapa

Cat Cat village in Sapa town

Where to stay in Sapa

4-5 star hotels or resorts in the town are priced at 2- 5 million VND per night for two people, the homestay service is much cheaper and it is very suitable for group tourists. You can book first at Hanoi Sapa homestay.

Traveling to Sapa from Saigon in 3 days, let's book 2 nights in the hotel.

What to do and see in Sapa in the details

Day 1

It is about 300 km from Noi Bai airport to Sapa and takes over 6 hours to get there. The road from Noi Bai to Lao Cai is very smooth because it is the new highway but it is very tough from Lao Cai to Sapa. So it is better to take the medicine to avoid the car- sick.

When arriving in Sapa, it is convenient to catch a taxi to the hotel and then take a rest in the room. You should ask the hotel staff for the help to book in advance the cable tickets to the top of Fansipan for the next day. The cable price is 700,000 VND/person for the day. If you do not go on the weekend or Tet holiday, you do not have to book in advance at the cable car station.

Then, you can go trekking around the town on some Sapa hiking tours and enjoy the cuisine.

Day 2

You should get up early before 6 a.m to drink coffee in the early morning before starting your trip in the schedule. It is best to choose a coffee shop with the delicious scent of coffee and the beautiful view and the ideal destination for hot coffee is Gem Valley at Cat Cat village.

Suggested Itinerary For 3 Day Sapa Trip From Saigon

Homestay in Sapa

10h-10h30: depart to Fansipan. The temperature at Fansipan is very low so you have to wear warm clothes and shoes. There are many beautiful views for sightseeing and taking nice photos. At noon, you can dine at the barbecue in front of Fansipan Gate. The barbecue rice dish costs about 100,000 VND.

You can visit Silver waterfalls and Love waterfalls, it is about 13 km from the Heaven Gate. In these three points of view, Heaven Gate is the most beautiful place, where you can see the vast valley and the curved roads running along the foot of the mountain.

Returning to the hotel for taking a rest, then having dinner. You can also choose foot massage with the medicine of the Dao ethnic group. Sapa massage price is not cheap, about 200,000 VND but according to travel experience to Sapa from Saigon in 3 days, this is also a specialty of Sapa, especially on the cold days.

Day 3

Going to Sapa Coc Ly Market on the last day is an interesting experience while traveling to Sapa. There are so many local goods displayed on the market so you can choose some of them as gifts for friends and relatives. The buffalo meat, chestnuts, dried apples are Sapa specialties you can consider buying. You have to return to the hotel to check out at 9h30. At 11h, the bus runs from Sapa to Noi Bai and come there at 17h. Then catching the taxi to the airport to return to Ho Chi Minh City.

Sapa is always willing to welcome you. if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. The best trip is for you!