The most popular symbols of Vietnamese village

The most popular symbols of Vietnamese village

Traveling anywhere around Vietnam, you can easily see the picture of a Vietnamese rice farmer working hard on the paddle fields. Under the sight of photographers, the beauty of Vietnamese farmers is honored because they are important contributors in ensuring the food security of Vietnam.

Rice - The indispensable part of farmers

For Vietnamese people, rice plays a very significant role in life. If wheat is the main food of Western people then rice is an indispensable dish in the daily meals of the Vietnamese.

From rice, we can make many dishes such as Chung cake, Day cake, and noodles. Another special gift from rice is green sticky rice.

When the rice has taken all the grain, the leaves are dried to make straw. Straw is the food for cattle, fuel, and roof the house. Straw is also composted to make fertilizer for the field. From straw, it is also possible to grow mushrooms or to make brooms and knit. During wartime, people loved the straw hats which can protect them from rain and sun. This Vietnamese farmer hat could be used to camouflage and avoid bombs. Rice husks can be used as fuel or for incubation. Rice bran is also the main feed for livestock.

The most popular symbols of Vietnamese village

A rice field in the north of Vietnam

Rice is not only an indispensable element in the material life but also plays a very important role in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. Rice is a symbol of wet rice civilization. Formerly, rice was the main part of the economy of Vietnam. In the period before the renovation, the cooperative always had good rice cultivation, high productivity, the five tons of fields have created the atmosphere of bustling competition.

The rice gives us the aromatic dishes to offer to our ancestors. In the past, Lang Lieu made Chung cake, Day cake to Hung King. Today, in the traditional Lunar New Year, on the tray of ancestral worship always has Chung cake and Day cake. In the holidays, sticky rice is a very popular dish. Sticky rice cooked with another cereal makes delicious sticky rice. Rice also creates a rich and diverse culinary culture of the country such as Vong Village green sticky rice, noodle and other kinds of sticky rice...

The pictures of paddy rice fields have gone into the poems, songs, as well as became the subject of creating excitement for the artist. All children know the song “Em di giua bien vang”. The image of paddy fields and the bamboo charcoal village has become the symbol of the familiar Vietnamese villages. The rice grain also goes into the poem "Hat gao lang ta" by the poet Tran Dang Khoa. In the mother's ruins also have pictures of fields with storks.

The conical hat

One of the most popular farmer clothes here is the Vietnam conical hat. Not only is it the item to avoid sun and rain but this Vietnamese rice farmer hat also remains the history of the Vietnamese wet rice civilization. The origin of the Vietnamese farmer hat is a story about a big woman who always wore a hat made from four circle leaves. Wherever she arrived, the weather in that place would become nice. After teaching the people how to grow rice and other food crops, the goddess disappeared. The Vietnamese were grateful and built a temple to commemorate the goddess.

The ancient Vietnamese tried to create a model of the goddess's similar hat by threading palm leaves together and now it is called a conical hat. The image of the leaf cone has become familiar to farmers in the fields.

The conical hat is made from simple and available materials such as palm leaves and bamboo leaves. Under the skillful hands of the artisans, the conical hat has become a symbol of many traditional villages. Chuong Village is a famous hat-making village for centuries. In addition, the poem conical hat is a famous one in Hue with landscapes and poems on it.

The most popular symbols of Vietnamese village

Vietnamese conical hats

The conical hat has many variations from the original version after its first appearance over 3,000 years ago. There are many popular types of hats, such as ba tam hat or quai thao hat. Quai thao conical hat is an important accessory for rural women at festivals. In the past, people classified the conical hats according to the level of the owner such as for the elderly; the rich and mandarins. Each type has its own shape and style. Sometimes the conical hats also vary by region.

The conical hat is used for a variety of purposes, for mothers go to the market or farmers work in the field. The conical is also considered a symbol of gentle Vietnamese people. Moreover, many visitors cherish the conical hat and see it as a souvenir when taking Vietnam package tours.

Although the conical hat is no longer a daily necessity for women in big cities, it is still very popular in Vietnamese villages. The image of a girl in a long dress and a hat is a feature of Vietnamese women.

In short, with a long history and a rich culture, Vietnam is always an ideal place for tourists from over the world. Let’s take a Vietnam tour group then you will know why Vietnam is so attractive! Have a nice trip!