Things to know when going to Sapa

Things to know when going to Sapa

Sapa which is one of the most appealing tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam impresses travelers by the magnificent nature and the diverse original local culture. To have the best trip to Sapa, there are several things that you need to be aware of. Here is some useful information you may want to know.

Shuttle bus or train?

Several years ago, trains used to be the most popular way to travel to Sapa from Hanoi. However, after the Highway Hanoi – Lao Cai has been in operation, the car is chosen more frequently by the tourists because the route is shortened and the journey becomes more convenient.

If you are not carsick, you are highly recommended to transit by car. In case you decide to reach Sapa by train, you have to take off in Lao Cai city. Therefore, you still have to catch another car to get to Sapa town while if you transport by the shuttle car, you will be taken directly to Sapa. This can save you time and energy.

No matter you choose the shuttle car or train from the starting point, you can’t avoid staying in the car. It’s better to take on the car in the beginning. It often wastes 5-6 hours to go to Sapa from Hanoi with a distance of 370 kilometers. Just take asleep and when you are awake, you are in Sapa already.

Things to know when going to Sapa

Hanoi - Sapa train

Which should you wear?

Being located at 1500 meters above the sea level, the weather of Sapa is cool and breezing during the year, especially at night. Therefore, no matter you visit Sapa in any season, it’s necessary to carry the coat. In case you come to Sapa in the winter when the snow can occur, remember to bring enough clothes to keep yourself warm. The weather is harshly freezing more than you think. Even the locals must burn the wood to heat.

If you plan to go trekking, you are not advised to wear the dress that results in uncomfortableness to do the activity. It’s a good idea to get dressed tidily in the long-sleeved shirt and pants. These clothes can protect from insects when you come deep to the villages and forests.  Another essential object is a waterproof coat so you won’t be wet under the drizzling rain. A coat that can prevent wind is so helpful, especially when you discover Sapa by self-drive motorbike. Let’s prepare good walking shoes so your foot won’t be tiring at the end of the day.

Things to know when going to Sapa

Light coat for a Sapa trip

The note and the credit card

In Cau May street (in the center of Sapa town), there are ATM booths of Agribank and BIDV. Therefore, you can withdraw money there and you don’t need to carry lots of money. Some hotels accept credit cards.

Identify papers

To rent the hotel, it’s obligatory for you to carry your identity card, driving license or passport. If you like to rent a motorbike to stroll around the town, the owner can require you to leave one of these above papers. In case you travel by self-drive motorbike, it’s extremely important to bring the driving license. The policeman can check your paper randomly at any time for both the locals and foreign visitors. Remember to hold the papers to get away from the unnecessary troubles.

The camera

Setting foot on Sapa, you can’t stop uttering “How magnificent Mother Nature is!”. The truth is that nature offers precious gifts to Sapa. The scenery is incredibly breathtaking with the lush terraced rice fields, the immense forest, and the majestic mountains. Don’t forget to carry the camera and capture the miracle moments. You can’t be sure whether you have the second chance.

Book the room

Sapa is often crowded in peak times such as the weekend, the special occasions. Therefore, you should book the room prior to the trip. Supposing you arrive in the rush time, it’s impossible to find an empty room. You really got into great trouble!

Things to know when going to Sapa

Homestay in Sapa

Sympathy and a kind heart

Sometimes, it’s not difficult to witness that a group of the sellers from the local ethnic tribes cling to the tourists and ask them to buy a souvenir. When you face this circumstance, don’t be angry or unpleasant. You may deny politely and frankly. Truthfully, a lot of people from the locals have a low quality of life. Some of them must greatly attempt to live from hand to mouth.

Before Sapa becomes a famous destination, most of them live on farming. Since tourism has developed, the residents can earn more money by selling the craft brocades items or some other products. If possible, let’s buy an item for them. You can keep it for mementos. This can also help the locals increase their income. In fact, a large volume of tourists come to the town, which can reverse the local’s daily lives.

This above suggestion can be useful for you to make a plan to visit this beautiful land. Let’s explore Sapa and have a memorable trip.

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