When to visit Halong Vietnam

When to visit Halong Vietnam

Halong Bay is situated in the Northern part of the country, its weather is different in 4 seasons but it can be mainly divided into cold dry winter and hot humid summer.

Weather in Halong Bay

"When is the best time to go to Halong Bay Vietnam" really depends on your own definition of a perfect trip? If you are most concerned about the weather, then the periods September – November, and March-May are ideal for a trip to Halong Bay. The dry climate and pleasant temperature will enable you to enjoy all activities offered onboard while making sightseeing as perfect as it could be

When to visit Halong Vietnam

Enjoy Halong Bay in its best time

If you are a budget-minded traveler, then schedule your trip between May and September. This is often considered the low season and many cruise ships offer massive sell-off on cabin: you can save as much as 40% on a Halong Bay cruise trip compared with other time in a year.

However, the months of July – August often see sporadic hurricanes and storms, which may render cancellation and delay of your trip. In those cases, you can switch around by visiting another destination in the North of Vietnam and visit Halong Bay later. These storms will not last longer than 3-4 days. 

January is a high tourist season in Halong Bay. Although the weather is chilly, this is a wonderful time for travelers who want to avoid the sweaty summer of Vietnam. Admiring the spectacular beauty of beautiful Halong beaches, diverse-shaped caves, and peaceful floating villages in tranquility is the best way to enjoy a restful holiday and relieve stress in daily life.

Please note that some activities such as swimming or diving may not be organized if the weather turns too cold. If you want to join these activities, you should not choose this period when to go to Halong with Halong bay tours.

When to visit Halong Vietnam

If you do not have the option of time, then be rest assured that you will enjoy your trip as much as when you do no in another month or day of the year. The Bay is filled with sunlight and rain usually does not last long. In warmer season you can take advantage of swimming opportunity and in the cooler season you will enjoy Halong Bay like no-one else: imagine a steamy BBQ lunch by the caves in one of the most gorgeous natural complexes of the world – it’s all about the experience.

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