The best city to visit in Vietnam

The best city to visit in Vietnam

Recently, Travel & Leisure Magazine has published the list of 10 most amazing cities in Asia. It is proud that this list includes Hanoi capital. So what makes Hanoi one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam? Let's find out in the article below.

Go to the traditional market

Not Dong Xuan market, Quang Ba flower market and Long Bien wholesale market are the two destinations where Westerners must visit when they have a chance to visit the capital. The market sells mainly flowers and fruits, but visitors must stay up late and get up early to see the atmosphere of a busy Hanoi in a very different when the night falls.

Located right at the foot of Long Bien bridge, Long Bien wholesale market is all year round bustling with many kinds of goods such as seafood, food for cattle, poultry, and vegetables, but the most famous in this wholesale market is fruit. At 20:00, the market began to become more and more bustling.

Quang Ba Flower Market is open all night but most crowded is around 3 to 4 am. Small bouquets of flowers on the van come out. The lights on the high street are sparkling and fanciful, spreading around the tens of thousands of colorful flowers - the scene that made many people must fall in love. There are people who are not small traders, also spending all night wandering in the market because they are addicted to the rare atmosphere at midnight of the land.

The best city to visit in Vietnam

Traditional market in Hanoi

Admire the Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning

Someone once said that Hoan Kiem Lake is the best place to start a new day. Regardless of spring, autumn or winter, the Hanoians keep their exercise habits in the early morning. The visitors can take a walk, watch the natural scenery at dawn, enjoy the fresh air when the road is not packed with vehicles, or try to fit in the group of fitness, aerobics or kickball.

The Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most popular destinations on the best Hanoi city tour, but coming here in the early morning, you can find a different feeling.

Be lost in the Old Quarter

Chris Anderson, a CNNGo correspondent, lost his footsteps on the old streets of Hanoi. "There is no need for you to go to the right place; just let your feet lead the way to discover the most colorful nostalgic streets of the capital. No destination, no lines, only turn right, turn left or go straight." Chris suggested.

The street is full of toys, while the other ones sell all kinds of shoes, clothes, antique, tombstone, or motorcycle parts. If you come here in the rush hours, the experience is more interesting. You always have to be willing to dodge people and cars on the road.

On the sidewalks as well as in the middle of the road, it is busy with people setting up plastic chairs to trade, motorcycles, small dogs running around, people chatting and laughing at the stalls on the sidewalk.

By this way, 1,000 years of Hanoi's history flows through the streets is like the bloodstream in every vein, blowing into the breath of both past and present and making Hanoi the best city to visit in Vietnam.

The best city to visit in Vietnam

Old Quarter 

Arrive at the Museum of Ethnology Vietnam

One of the destinations cannot be ignored when visiting any city is the museum and historical monuments. One of the most popular cultural and historical sites visited by foreigners is the Ethnological Museum.

Ethnographic Museum currently holds 15,000 artifacts, 42,000 documentaries, pictures and thousands of other documents on 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. The objects are classified and displayed according to different contents in the Bronze Drum building, where visitors can learn about the ethnic life through their everyday objects. The outdoor area has 10 unique folk architectures such as Bana communal house, Dao half-house on stilts, Giarai collective tomb.

Besides, visitors also come to the Museum of Vietnamese Women, Hanoi Museum or Hoa Lo Prison, the Hanoi flag tower, to see the culture and history of the city.

The best city to visit in Vietnam

Museum of Ethnology Vietnam

Enjoy the egg coffee

"When not drinking beer, Hanoians sit together to enjoy coffee", that is what many visitors still tell each other about Hanoi capital - the best city to visit in Vietnam.

Besides the black coffee, milk coffee or coffee yogurt, many visitors are surprised to know the egg coffee of Hanoi. A small cup of egg coffee placed in a bowl of warm water will fascinate visitors with different flavors - not too sweet or bitter, not fishy. The greasy taste of eggs is well mixed with each drop of coffee.

Foreign visitors to Hanoi often go to Giang, Dinh, Lam or Old Quarter coffee shops to enjoy this special drink when participating in Hanoi city tours.

the best city in vietnam

Egg coffee

Take a walk at night

When the whole city is asleep, Hanoi street - the best city to visit in Vietnam - suddenly is dressed up in a calm cloth which is contrasted with the bustle of the day. The door is dormant, the store is closed, the light is turned off and no vehicle runs on the street. All of them will leave a very different impression in the hearts of travelers.

Surely, with these experiences, your trip to Hanoi will be more fanciful and memorable than ever. If you concern about Vietnam travel, please contact us for more information. Share this article if it is helpful for you!