Top popular rivers in Vietnam

Top popular rivers in Vietnam

Vietnam is known for a lot of famous rivers. Being the country with tons of large rivers with different sizes, it is no wonder that the area near Vietnamese rivers will become some of the best Vietnam places for tourism. These rivers have become great attractions by itself and will continue to play a major role in Vietnam tourism.

Cuu Long River 

Cuu Long is the name of the lower Mekong. From Cambodia, Cuu Long River is divided into two major tributaries, Tien and Hau rivers. Because nine estuaries are flowing into the East Sea, the Mekong River across Vietnam is also known as the Mekong River, meaning "nine rivers." Every year, tourists travel to the Mekong Delta, increasing 50% compared to the whole country.

The results of the Cuu Long River Tourism have contributed positively to the economic growth of the entire region, creating more jobs, increasing incomes for people, helping to preserve and promoting traditional cultural values of the nation.  

Serepok River

Located in the west of the Truong Son Mountain, Seperok River flows into Cambodia before entering the Mekong River, after which then returns to Vietnam again. The Srepok River is 406 km long, with many majestic and majestic waterfalls, such as Trinh Nuoc Waterfall, Dray Sap Waterfall, Đray Nu Waterfall, Dray H'Linh Waterfall, Gia Long Waterfall, and Bay Nhanh Waterfall attract tourists. There are particular fish species such as tilapia and especially buffalo snout, which is considered to be kingfish.  

Hoai River  

Hoai River in Hoi An

Hoai River in Hoi An

Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River flowing through Hoi An. With people here in particular and visitors in general, this river is an integral symbol of the old town. Not only that, but this gentle river is also associated with the life of people living in Hoi. Their main occupation is boating, bringing tourists to visit the attractions. The attraction is that the boats do not use the engine. It makes visitors feel the most clearly about the ancient and simple, and the closeness that exists here.   

Not only they can enjoy the beautiful scene of Hoi An, but the visitors also hear many exciting stories from the boatman. With the sound of the paddle in the middle of the peaceful space, the impression of the peaceful old town in each person was filled up.  

Han River  

The Han River starts at the confluence of rivers between Cam Le district, Hai Chau district, and Ngu Hanh Son district to Danang bay. Over the River are six extremely famous bridges of Da Nang, namely Thuan Phuoc bridge, Han bridge, Rong bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Nguyen Van Troi bridge, and Tien Son bridge.

Han River by night

Han River by night

These are the symbols of Da Nang tourism, especially Dragon Bridge. The bridge was designed and built in the shape of a dragon capable of flushing and spraying the real water. Currently, fire and spray times begin at 21 o'clock on Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays.

Huong River (Perfume River)

From Bang Lang to Thuan An river mouth, the Huong river is 33 km long. As it flows along the foot of Ngoc Tran, the water of the Huong River is greener - this is Hon Chen. Huong River flows slowly through villages such as Kim Long, Nguyet Bieu, Vy Da, Dong Ba, Gia Hoi, Dinh market, Nam Pho, Bao Vinh. It was a source of emotion for tourists when sailing along the river to see the scenery and listen to traditional Hue songs. 

When being asked the definition of peaceful, Hue people will tell you it is Huong River. Ngu Binh Mountain is also one of the symbols of Hue people. People say that Hue is the land of Huong River and Ngu Binh Mountain.

Huong River

Huong River

Ben Hai River  

Ben Hai River or Rao Thanh River is a river in Central Vietnam. This river originates from the mountain of Truong Son mountain next to the Cua Tung Sea. Ben Hai is a landmark in the upper reaches of the river, so the name Ben Hai river is taken from this place. Ben Hai River is best known for its splits in the South (Vietnam Republic) and North (Vietnam Democratic Republic) during the Vietnam War. The Geneva Agreement stipulated that this was a temporary demilitarized zone in 1954. Today, you can reach the flagpole line and the Hien Luong bridge in Quang Tri to see Ben Hai gentle after the ups and downs of history.

Being a cultural and historical destination, Ben Hai River is surely one of the best places for your package tours to Vietnam.

Son River

Son River or Troc River is a tributary of the Gianh River in North Central Vietnam. Quang Binh province is the destination of Son River. The upper part of the 7,729 m long river flows underground in the limestone mountains to the west of Quang Binh. Son River flows from to Phong Nha Cave, which is also a famous destination in Bo Trach district.

The romantic Son River with the green water bending around the Ke Bang limestone mountains adorns the unique features when visitors visit the Phong Nha Cave. In particular, the Son River is associated with the legendary bag, but the legend of loyalty in love always leave the most memories in the heart of visitors.  

Lam River

Song Lam, another name in Vietnam is Thousand or Ca River, one of the two largest rivers in North Central Vietnam. The river originates from the plateau of Xiengkhuang, Laos. The flow in Laos is called Nam Khan. The main part of the river flows through Nghe An, the last part of the Lam River confluence with the La River from Ha Tinh, forming the boundary of Nghe An and Ha Tinh to the Hoi An beach. Together with Hong Linh mountain, Lam river is considered as a symbol of Nghe.

The two sides of the Lam River have cultural villages of Nghe An and Ha Tinh such as Yen Ho (Duc Tho), Tien Dien, Uy Vien (Nghi Xuan), Trung Luong (Hong Linh Town), Trung Can, Hoanh Son Kim Lien (Nam Dan) created a cultural area of Lam Hong.

As the country of rivers, it is quite easy to find yourself in the middle of a vast river when visiting Vietnam. The rivers are one of the critical sources of income to Vietnamese, and will surely remain the same shortly. Visiting Vietnam, you should try out some of the provinces like Hue, Mekong Delta, etc. to experience some of the unique characteristics of Vietnam.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful trip to our lovely country! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via our website. Thank you!