Hanoi - Sapa Train

The Hanoi - Lao Cai runs every evening, departing from Hanoi Train Station at 120 Le Duan Street (but normally gather at Tran Quy Cap Station). Three ones run at night, and one makes a day trip. The following are the trains from Hanoi to Lao Cai (PM: SP1, SP3, SP7, LC1, LC3; AM: LC5) and vice versa (PM: SP2, SP4, SP8, LC2, LC4; AM: LC 6) daily. The daytime route offers only hard seats, whereas travelers can enjoy soft-sleepers, Air-conditioned, four-berth cabins on the night trains. 

In the SP3 & SP4, there are 2 Victoria Carriages. In SP1 & SP2, there are 2 Tulico Carriages, 1 Friendly Carriages, 2 Ratraco Carriages, and 2 TSC Carriages, 2 King Express Carriages, 2 Royal Carriages. All of these are alternatives for tourists to Sapa from Hanoi. 


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